Monday, 9 October 2017

Urban Calm - LVL lashes


So if you follow my Twitter/Instagram stories you will have seen that I've recently had a beauty treatment that has changed my life (dramatic, I know but stay with me...!)

Urban Calm Spa is tucked away in the Met Quarter, and it is exactly that, a little haven of calm in the center of the city. All of the staff are lovely and welcoming, and the list of treatments is endless!

The lovely Danielle at Urban Calm in Met Quarter fitted me in just before my holidays to give me a LVL lash treatment, something I've heard a lot about recently but have never tried myself. LVL is the original natural lash lift, and stands for length volume lift. A setting serum is used to straighten your natural lashes at the root making them look curled up and then lashes are tinted. 

Danielle talked me through each step and made me feel very comfortable throughout the treatment which lasted around an hour.

We took some before and after shots (I waited a while for the after shot as my eyes were a little red, hence the difference in lighting) and I'm sure you'll agree that the results are so good!

I went on holiday a few days after I had my LVL treatment and it was amazing not having to wear mascara! It's been a good few weeks since I had the treatment and my lashes still look so good! Can't believe how long they've lasted. 

Thank you again to Urban Calm, I'll be back!  

Alex x