Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Bourjoirs: Rouge Laque #LetsPlayLips

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful parcel from Bourjoirs filled with their new Rouge Laque liquid lipsticks

The hook for this new release is offering the intense colours of a traditional lipstick with a longwearing lightweight formula.

Also inside was this gorgeous Lulu Guinness stationary - so excited to use them!

I swatched all 8 colours so you could see them all together

My favourites are Selfpeach! and Toute Nude. This is Selfpeach! on

I'm really impressed with the pigments and how wearable they feel. There was no drying at all, which I tend to find with most lipsticks - top points on that front! Another massive plus from me is the applicator, the shape makes it really easy to apply in one stroke.

I'd recommend picking one of these up if you're looking for something a bit different - well done Bourjoirs!

Alex x

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

1 year anniversary!


So, this post has been a long time coming - 12 months in fact! We have now lived in our house for exactly 1 year today and I thought it was about time to give an interior update on our DIY adventure so far.

We knew there was quite a bit to do when we bought it in terms of redecorating but we decided to live in the house as it was for a few months to make sure we were 100% sure of what we wanted (and save up again as we'd spent all our money buying the thing!) 

One of the biggest renovations we've done is knocking down the wall that divided the back room and the kitchen. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen (David is a much better cook than I am) so we wanted to make it a more communal space and bring in a bit more of the living area to open out the kitchen. 

This is a picture of what it looked like before (dodgy estate agent pic): 

And what it looks like now: 

It was a long few weeks of rubble, dust and wet plaster but once everything was painted and furniture in place we knew we’d made the right decision and we spend most of our time in the back room now.  

 We still need to finish off the kitchen but just for a little before and after: 

I'm so happy with the back room, from the way the wooden floors came up to the colour on the feature wall. All the hours spent sanding/varnishing/painting are well worth it now (and a BIG thanks to our family who helped!) 

Next on the list is finishing off the living room and finally moving into the master bedroom as we’re still in-between there and one of the spare rooms. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post – there’s more to come! Follow me on Instagram to see the progress

Also I love seeing other makeovers so if you’ve done your own post or read a great one recently, please leave a comment below! 

Alex x