Monday, 12 October 2015

Selfridges Beauty Personal Shopping | Manchester

So I have been raving about this to anyone who'll listen, posting on Twitter and Instagram (and a little bit in this earlier blog post) - the world needs to know. 

Selfridges Manchester have introduced beauty personal shopping, in the form of the wonderful human Charlotte Ingram. Charlotte is possibly one of the most friendly people I've ever had the pleasure to speak to, with a never ending knowledge (and passion) of all the amazing products to be found in Selfridges beauty hall.    

The beauty personal shopping space is so peaceful, away from the crowds that surround the make-up counters. Charlotte can curate a hand picked and tailored package of products for you to test in-front of the mirror, or you can walk around the store and try as you go - its all customized around your shopping needs. 

Charlotte's services range from picking the perfect foundation, a new fragrance or helping to choose gifts - there's no limit to this one-on-one unbiased shopping experience. You can book yourself in for an hour long consultation, completely free of charge! For enquiries contact Charlotte directly at If you cant get yourself down to Selfridges, I'd highly recommend following Charlotte's Instagram profile (@selfridges_beauty) where you'll find loads of info about new releases, back in stock items and you can order there and then with worldwide shipping. Amazing. Just in time for (dunndunndunnn) Christmas!

Alex x

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