Thursday, 3 September 2015

Poppy Lux | AW15

Hello, September!

As I’ve said in previous posts here, I am really looking forward to my AW wardrobe and this Poppy Lux addition is no exception. I mean, how cute?! I love the colour, the slogan and the fit. Dreamy (no pun intended)

This is from their first AW15 drop, and the second one is just as good! (trust me, I’ve seen the lookbook) 

Talkin' about daydreaming, I am currently daydreaming about what pieces I can add to my Autumn wardrobe! At the moment I'm after some cropped black cigarette pants, all of the leather and a statement knit. What's on your AW list?

You may have noticed that I’ve also chopped quiiiiite a bit of my hair off recently – what do you think!?

Shirt - Topshop 
Jumper - Poppy Lux 
Skirt - Mango 
Shoes - Topshop 

Alex x


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