Monday, 14 September 2015

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar | Liverpool

One of my favourite shops in the city is Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, it houses the best brands, the staff are always so helpful and you can finish your shopping in style in the WOW Bar upstairs. Who doesn't need a glass of Prosecco after spending their life savings at NARS?! (I also now have the new Harvey Nichols rewards app which is the best/most dangerous app to download!)

I popped in for a consultation with Laura Mercier in collaboration with Tate Liverpool as part of an ‘Art Of Style’ month influenced by The Jackson Pollock exhibition: Blind Spots. I was treated to a complimentary artistic appointment with Laura Mercier. 

I usually use NARS sheer glow foundation but felt like a bit of a change and a lot of the girls in work have been raving about Laura Mercier so I thought I'd give it a try! 

Kelly Orme was my amazing MUA for my appointment and was so lovely. Kelly gave me so much great information about the brand and the products. 

Thank you to the Harvey Nichols team for a lovely event! 

Alex x


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