Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Kore Skincare

So, I am delving into a bit of beauty blogging. It is something that I have wanted to do more of for a while, so expect more of where this came from. *Disclaimer*I am not claiming to know everything there is about beauty regimes or make-up, I'm just giving my opinion on some products which I hope other people find helpful and insightful.

I was asked to review a skin range called Kore. Kore is a brand from Australia which, honestly, I hadn't heard much about at all. After doing some research it seems like they’re doing some pretty cool stuff! Their skin range is free from parabens and animal testing, that’s a winning combination for me!

I will go through the starter kit by product and give my honest thoughts and feelings for anyone who is feeling interested by what Kore have to offer! 

Foaming Cleanser
I have a little love/hate with cleansers, as I find some really dry out my skin - this one wasn't too bad and it smells great! I wasn't blown away by this product but it did the job.

Revitalising Toner
This is probably one of my favourite products out of everything I tested in the kit, my skin felt great after using it - really clear and again it smelt amazing!

Intensive Serum
Having quite oily skin I tend to steer away from most serums, I feel like this might be more beneficial to mature skin with its added anti-ageing elements.

Repairing Eye Cream
As someone who gets up at 6am everyday, anything that helps beat the eye bags is worth a try from me! I really liked this cream - it was really light so it didn't make my makeup clog and I felt the difference between the days I did and didn't add it into my routine!

Gentle Exfoliator
I love a good exfoliator, and this one wasn't the best I've ever tried. I think it would be great for somebody with sensitive skin or who doesn't like a harsh exfoliator but I like the consistency a little more substantial than this one.

Optimal Repair Cream
This cream is a bit heavier and although it is recommended as both a day and night cream, I chose to use it before bed and my skin felt the benefits of the wheat and soy protein and my skin felt hydrated and smooth in the morning! 

Restorative Day Cream 
I really really like this cream, I always use moisturiser under my foundation and this one was perfect for my daytime make-up!

I hope that review was helpful to anyone wanting to check out this brand and their products. Check out the range on their website and see if anything takes your fancy!

Alex x

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