Thursday, 11 June 2015

F&F So-Cal Festival Fashion

Sadly I am not attending any festivals this year, my dream festival situation would be Coachella. California dreamin' (literally). I think festival outfits are so fun to put together as everyone ends up wearing something a little further up the crazy scale than they would do in everyday life. Flowers, fringe, feathers = festival ready.

I chose a few items from the So-Cal girl range for F&F at Tesco. This lace dress is so cute! Perfect for a day enjoying the fields and music.  

My festival top tips: 
Take baby wipes, trust me. 
A mini torch for navigating at night, tent ropes are not your friend when you're drunk and in a dark field! 
Name a central place to meet if you get separated from your group. It sounds like such a mum thing to say, but the crowds are big and it's so easy to loose track. Phone signal is usually really bad too. 
Dry shampoo (godsend!) 
Plasters (sore feet) 
Red lipstick. No matter how tired or hungover you are, a red lip will instantly perk up your look 

I also have a very special discount for you guys, 25% off F&F Clothing! Read below for the T&C’s

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Go go go! 

Alex x

Saturday, 6 June 2015


I am forever spending my days (and ££) on hair products to make my fine and naturally very curly hair full of body and silky smooth. Basically like I've just stepped out of a shampoo advert. When I was asked to try out this bad boy S-Factor TIGI range I couldn't say no!

I have washed my hair with the Stunning Volume Shampoo and conditioned with Serious Conditioner. Once out the shower I towel dried my hair and spritzed the Papaya Leave in Moisture Spray and combed through. After blowdrying I sprayed the Flat Iron Shine Spray. This step is always quite important to me as I use quite a lot of heat when styling my hair. Finally, after a once over with my straighteners I used a tiny blob of the Silky Smooth moisture serum.   

Tried and tested, these products are soo good! My hair felt in really good condition and smelt unreal. The papaya leave-in moisture spray smells a-maaaaaazing! Like serious hair heaven.

I decided to go for a straight and smooth look as I usually have a slight messy wave thing going on. What do you think? 

ASOS very kindly kitted me out with a new outfit for my new 'do! Shame the wind was so strong... 

Make sure you check out the full range of TIGI, the products are worth it! 

Pinafore - ASOS*
Heels -  ASOS*
Shirt - Topshop 
Sunglasses -  ASOS*
Bag - Michael Kors / Flannels Fashion  

Alex x