Sunday, 31 May 2015


So I'm sure if you follow me on Instagram you'll know I have been here there and everywhere recently, but I wanted to post about my recent trip to Amsterdam! I haven't had a day off work since January, so David and I pencilled in a few days for a city trip to Amsterdam. I have been twice with work before, but gone within a matter of 24 hours so I was very excited to spend more time in the city and see what it had in store.

Firstly I would like to mention our amazing hotel, CitizenM. CitizenM is a chain of hotels in locations such as London, New York and Paris. I had heard very good things about this boutique hotel, and I was not let down!

We arrived to a very trendy, check yourself in lobby - and when we got to the room there was a handwritten note offering us cocktails on the house! (bonus points already)

The room was operated by an iPad, the lights, temperature, the TV even the blinds on the window were all dealt with in a swipe. Fancy.

The show stopper in this hotel though is most definitely the bed! It is the biggest bed I've ever had the pleasure of sleeping in, and much needed at the end of a long day walking around the city.

Food highlights

Mexican is up there with one of my fave foods, luckily this restaurant had been recommended to me and I am still daydreamin' about those Nachos! This was at Roses Cantina, where the cocktails are as good as the cuisine!

Breakfast as a whole is one of my fave meals of the day, I could have breakfast for all 3 meals! We were staying the other side of town to The Breakfast Club, but I felt the pancakes would be worth the hike... I wasn't wrong!

Here are some pics of the rest of our trip:



Travel Essentials

I love having a little bag for the airport to house all of my essentials, passport, boarding pass, money etc. Whenever I have big bags it takes me two weeks to find anything due to all the rummaging around!

I am asboslutely in love with these Skinnydip London headphones. As someone who commutes these are an absolute dream, I haven't even had the drama of untangling the wires. Win.

I would go back to Amsterdam in a heartbeat, but now, onto the next city!

Alex x

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