Saturday, 21 February 2015

LFW Day Two

So today was my final day at LFW, heading back up North! I've only done three days and I am so exhausted, props to you guys who are soldiering on until Tuesday! It's been so much fun though, and make sure to check back for my LFW round up post.

This was my outfit for today, all black with gold and fur detailing!

All items are from boohoo. 

The lace skirt is actually a dress and has the nicest sweetheart neckline and capped sleeves, but I'll leave that to the warmer months!

It was so nice to catch up with a few of my fave blogger girls today, especially Megan, Lindsey, ClareAmy and Naomi! <3 Hope you all enjoy the rest of the LFW fun/chaos.

Alex x

Friday, 20 February 2015


After a busy day we went to our first show, PPQ. It was held at the ME Hotel - which is a favourite venue of mine! Popped over to Somerset house to take some quick pics of my outfit for the night. 

This look is again head to toe boohoo!

Also, this was the scene at PPQ - just take in for a moment how many iphones, ipads and cameras are out...!

The theme was almost gothic fairytale with a lot of frills, sheer, mesh and cutouts. I really enjoyed the show which is why I didn't take too many pics but here's some for you if you wanted to see some of the collection!

Alex x

LFW Day one


So I'm currently in my lovely Premier Inn Hub hotel bed, with a cup of tea, and putting myself into a Mini Egg induced coma. (Glamorous!)

Rosie and I arrived on Thursday, and have pretty much not stopped since! We had an all day event yesterday, hosting a gifting suite at our PR showroom and we were shooting today with Sonya Esman! It's been crazy busy but so much fun.

Here's a quick blog post on my first outfit!

My outfit is head to toe boohoo! I definitely dressed for comfort/function today - I actually never want to take this coat off!

Alex x

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Weekend Vibes

I hate to be that person who is always ‘living for the weekend’ but travelling to Manchester for work every day entails a 6am wake up and I normally don’t get home until about 8pm – so when Friday comes, switching off my alarm for Saturday is the absolute dream.

I used to love sleeping in waaaaay past an acceptable time at the weekend, but now I try and get up a little earlier to make the most of my days off (my pesky body clock helps with this too!)

This weekend I have had a lovely relaxing time before the chaos of working at London Fashion Week (let me know in the comments below if you’re around?)  

I am LOVING this faux fur jacket which I scored on Depop. I have been using  Depop a lot lately and it’s so good for a quick bargain, I also recently got an amazing vintage Leopard print coat via Depop as I'd lost my beautiful Mango one moving back to Liverpool and needed to fill the leopard print hole in my 'coatrobe'.I am planning on putting a lot of my own things on Depop soon so keep your eyes peeled! (@alexalamode89)

Coat – Depop
Top –
Jeans –
Boots –
Hat –
Bag – ASOS (old) 

Alex x

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Spring In My Step

I for one am getting very excited about the approaching Spring months. Firstly, because the mornings are getting a little lighter which is a much nicer way to wake up in the morning, rather than the cold and the dark I have been grumbling about to anyone who will listen. Secondly for the (rubbish) excuse of new additions to my wardrobe!

Now, I am not normally one for the 'floral' trend but I absolutely love this printed jacket from F&F. It is definitely helping me get out of my winter wardrobe rut and looks great with a pink lip!

Jacket* - F&F
Tshirt - Forever 21
Jeans -
Shoes -
Hat -
Bag - Primark 

What trends are you going to try out in Spring?

Alex x

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Behind the scenes

As you may have seen in the photos in my recent post, I did a 5 Days of Style shoot at work for our StyleFix magazine. Here is the video from behind the scenes which I thought I’d share with you guys and give you a bit of insight into my style and my office! Enjoy...

For those of you who don’t know, my job at boohoo is International Social Media Exec. This covers quite a few areas such as managing agencies, international blogger outreach and event management. In between the spreadsheets and reports I get to do a lot of fun things (like this shoot) and if anyone wants to know a little more about my day to day or my journey to my job let me know in the comments below and I’d be happy to write a blog post about it? 

Alex x

Saturday, 7 February 2015


As most of you are aware from the widespread marketing this time of year, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! I don’t know whether this fills you with warm glee or sheer dread but I am most certainly in the ‘couldn’t really care less’ bracket. Now, that’s not to say I don’t like romantic gestures, but my idea of romance is very different to overpriced set menus in busy restaurants and cheesy Hallmark cards. I much prefer more of a personal nod to the ol’ lovely dovey stuff. Just the simple things like a surprise home cooked meal or a text that makes me smile (easily pleased, no?)

Anyway, my plans this year for Valentine’s day aren't much different to my usual weekend plans. We’ll be cooking dinner, maybe a trip to the cinema with a few drinks along the way! Oasis kitted me out in a Valentine’s outfit I can definitely get on board with. This cosy jumper (with the cutest heart detail) and jeans combo is perfect for a more casual approach to the day of love.

Coat - Zara 
Hat - 
Jumper*- Oasis 
Jeans* - Oasis 
Bag- H&M 
Shoes - Zara 

For those of you who are yet to make plans, Oasis have a lovely competition running to win a Valentine's date on them simply by booking a personal stylist appointment online! Interested? Find out more here. It ends tomorrow so don't miss your chance! 

So however you’re spending the day this year, I hope you have a lovely time!

Alex x

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

5 Days of Style

A few weeks ago I was asked by our Fashion Content team in work to participate in a ‘5 Days of Style’ photoshoot. I was immediately met with a mixture of excitement (who doesn’t want their hair and make-up done professionally?!) and anxiousness (crap, I have to find 5 outfits that aren’t head to toe black and thrown on at 6am in the darkness of my bedroom?!)

I thought I would pop the 5 looks here to give you a bit of an insight to my working wardrobe as well as my working environment! Normally I'd be the one at the photo-shoots, doing behind the scenes social content etc so it felt a little strange being in front of the camera at work! Obv not all of these looks are for the office (I rarely get my Casper-like legs out anywhere nevermind parading around Manchester) but all of the pieces are key items in my wardrobe at the moment! Faux fur, monochrome and stripes all with an essence of my style inspo go-to, The Chung.

Here are the final images – you can shop all of the looks by following this link and of course read the rest of the latest StyleFix issue! As always, let me know what you think in the comments below!


Sunday, 1 February 2015


Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Today my family, with doggy in tow decided to go for a lovely Sunday stroll around Sefton Park in Liverpool. I took some snaps of my outfit whilst we were there (thanks to the sis!), I haven't stopped wearing this jumper since I got it for Christmas!

How beautiful is the palm house?! It's my favourite place for a walk when the weather is like this! I am currently eating myself into a Mini Egg induced coma, see you on the other side...

Hat - ASOS
Coat - 
Jumper - H&M 
Jeans- Topshop 
Watch - Oliva Burton 
Bag - Topshop 
Alex x