Thursday, 31 December 2015

What I've learnt in 2015...

Over the past week or so I've had a little downtime and put together this little reflection on my year in 2015. This is as much for myself as it is for you guys. I love reading blog posts like this so here is my very own...

Beauty regime…
Yes. I was once that girl who thought it was fine to sweep a face wipe over my face and be done with my make-up removal. This has changed massively this year and my night-time routine is 5x longer than it used to be. At the grand old age of 26 (ha) I have started to take my skincare seriously. It’s so revolting when you take your make up off with a face wipe, think your make up is removed and then use a warm wet muslin cloth and see what's left…wow. I do still use a facewipe to take the majority of my make up off if I’ve worn a lot that day. Followed by a cleansing balm (using Elemis at the moment). I love a weekly facemask too, my favourite is Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. Before bed I like to use a deep moisturiser or serum overnight, I have been using a sample size Chanel micro serum and I think I might have to buy the full size as I have really seen a difference in my skin.

To enjoy life and try not to worry…
I am a worrier. I worry all the time about silly things, the future, work, my family, what people think of me, the list goes on. This might sound dramatic but the events in Paris this year really changed my outlook. I know tragedies like this are happening all the time in lots of countries but Paris really struck a chord with me because I was meant to be travelling there with work the following week. If you know me/read my blog you’ll know of my love of Paris and it seriously broke my heart to see the city I have so many lovely memories in suffer the way it did. It terrified me in a way that completely changed my attitude. Worrying about work on a Sunday night? You’re lucky to have a job and most of all be alive to be able to go to it. I know that’s quite morbid but it’s helped me massively in being able to take life as it comes and enjoy the days I have. Tomorrow is never promised. 

Social Media…
Now, when social media is your job and one of your hobbies the lines between get blurry, fast. Being involved in a world that is so fast paced can get a little overwhelming and you can end up missing real life. The pressure to have the perfect blog, a perfectly curated Instagram profile not to mention all the other social platforms got to be too much. I am fully aware of how many articles went flying around the internet about how social media isn’t real life and not is all as it seems. Which to some extent I can agree with but I really feel like it comes down to personal balance. I have been that person who’s food has gone cold whilst trying to take a great snap, asked David to take a million pictures of my outfit (thanks Dave!) and obviously all the while ALL my images have to be taken horizontally. It can start to take over a little. Towards the end of this year I have taken a little step back from my blog, and hopefully I will feel better for it come the New Year… 

Adult Life…
Last Christmas I moved back home from living in Manchester with my amazing flatmate Yasmine. It was the first time I’d moved out (I stayed in Liverpool for uni) so it was a big deal for me. Fast forward 12 months and David and I are in a position to own our very first home! This is probably the most exciting and scary thing that’s ever happened to me. Whilst there’s lots of daunting elements such as mortgage, bills, council tax – having a place to call our own is so exciting. I can’t wait to settle in and get decorating! I will also be documenting our move here on the blog, but more about that soon...

So there we are. Thank you so much for reading my blog this year. Hope you've had an amazing Christmas. Here’s to 2016 and everything it brings! x

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Alexa Chung x Nails Inc | Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar


So I think you will have seen my none stop tweeting (Alexa favourited my tweet people, FAVORITED), snapchatting, Instagramming from possibly the most exciting event I've been to this year.

The lovely girls at Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar invited me to the store for a meet and greet event with my one and only girl crush, Alexa Chung. I had already met Alexa at the signing of her book, IT and she was really nice so I was very excited to meet her again.

The event launched the Snow Globe nail varnish which is a really cute gold glitter polish, which you can shake up to determine the amount of glitter you want. It is like Christmas in a bottle!

Outfit details:

Roll neck -
Button Dress -
Boots - ASOS

It was such a lovely evening, and even better I got to see one of my fave blogger gals Abigail of

I would definitely recommend Snowglobe if you're a fan of glittery nails, or looking for a little secret Santa/stocking filler for an Alexa fan!

Alex x

Monday, 12 October 2015

Selfridges Beauty Personal Shopping | Manchester

So I have been raving about this to anyone who'll listen, posting on Twitter and Instagram (and a little bit in this earlier blog post) - the world needs to know. 

Selfridges Manchester have introduced beauty personal shopping, in the form of the wonderful human Charlotte Ingram. Charlotte is possibly one of the most friendly people I've ever had the pleasure to speak to, with a never ending knowledge (and passion) of all the amazing products to be found in Selfridges beauty hall.    

The beauty personal shopping space is so peaceful, away from the crowds that surround the make-up counters. Charlotte can curate a hand picked and tailored package of products for you to test in-front of the mirror, or you can walk around the store and try as you go - its all customized around your shopping needs. 

Charlotte's services range from picking the perfect foundation, a new fragrance or helping to choose gifts - there's no limit to this one-on-one unbiased shopping experience. You can book yourself in for an hour long consultation, completely free of charge! For enquiries contact Charlotte directly at If you cant get yourself down to Selfridges, I'd highly recommend following Charlotte's Instagram profile (@selfridges_beauty) where you'll find loads of info about new releases, back in stock items and you can order there and then with worldwide shipping. Amazing. Just in time for (dunndunndunnn) Christmas!

Alex x

Saturday, 10 October 2015

October | Topshop pinafore #ootd


It’s been a while, sorry about that! However, I’m back with a few great posts in store so please keep an eye out. Some of you may know if you follow me on Twitter and have been privy to my incessant birthday chatter, October is my birthday month! I’m a triplet and my boyfriend also shares the same birthday (crazy, right?) so I think it’s only fair that having to share my birthday allows me to milk it slightly...

I absolutely love Autumn and A/W fashion is something I get very excited about. Having my birthday around the corner gets me a bit... spendy. I picked up this pinafore dress in Topshop with my birthday in mind, as I thought it would be a nice casual outfit when I see my family, friends etc.  I love an item that can be worn in different ways, I can already visualise how many tees, roll necks and shirts I can pair with this pinafore! 

Shirt - Topshop 
Pinafore- Topshop
Bag - & Other Stories
Shoes - ASOS 

What do you think? 

Alex x

P.S. - my Birthday is 25th, just y’know… in case you were wondering ;) 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar | Liverpool

One of my favourite shops in the city is Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, it houses the best brands, the staff are always so helpful and you can finish your shopping in style in the WOW Bar upstairs. Who doesn't need a glass of Prosecco after spending their life savings at NARS?! (I also now have the new Harvey Nichols rewards app which is the best/most dangerous app to download!)

I popped in for a consultation with Laura Mercier in collaboration with Tate Liverpool as part of an ‘Art Of Style’ month influenced by The Jackson Pollock exhibition: Blind Spots. I was treated to a complimentary artistic appointment with Laura Mercier. 

I usually use NARS sheer glow foundation but felt like a bit of a change and a lot of the girls in work have been raving about Laura Mercier so I thought I'd give it a try! 

Kelly Orme was my amazing MUA for my appointment and was so lovely. Kelly gave me so much great information about the brand and the products. 

Thank you to the Harvey Nichols team for a lovely event! 

Alex x

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Selfridges Personal Shopping | Manchester

A few weeks ago I was invited to Selfridges in Manchester to a Personal Shopping appointment on their brand new designer womenswear floor. I was pretty excited as I do like to spend my lunch hour wandering around wanting all of the pretty things.

Now, let me tell you. This resigned space is something else, I think I took about 100 photos just because everything looked so perfect! From Céline, Balenciaga and one of my favourites Self Portrait. 

I was shown around the Personal Shopping area (which is an interior lovers DREAM) and talked through some of the best sellers and key pieces for AW.  

I think my favourite thing about the whole experience was the relvalation of Charlotte, Selfridge's beauty Personal Shopper. It has never crossed my mind that this isn't really available in other department stores, as each counter has their own staff. Charlotte will give you an unbiased shopping experience with regards to which brands and make sure you get what suits you and your skin. You need to get following her Instagram (@selfridges_beauty) as there's loads of previews, swatches and alerts to back in stock! Perfection.  

So if you're around Manchester, head to Selfridges to check it out. Be prepared, you'll leave with an empty bank or a very very long wishlist...

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Poppy Lux | AW15

Hello, September!

As I’ve said in previous posts here, I am really looking forward to my AW wardrobe and this Poppy Lux addition is no exception. I mean, how cute?! I love the colour, the slogan and the fit. Dreamy (no pun intended)

This is from their first AW15 drop, and the second one is just as good! (trust me, I’ve seen the lookbook) 

Talkin' about daydreaming, I am currently daydreaming about what pieces I can add to my Autumn wardrobe! At the moment I'm after some cropped black cigarette pants, all of the leather and a statement knit. What's on your AW list?

You may have noticed that I’ve also chopped quiiiiite a bit of my hair off recently – what do you think!?

Shirt - Topshop 
Jumper - Poppy Lux 
Skirt - Mango 
Shoes - Topshop 

Alex x

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Beauty & Holistic Lounge | Liverpool

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the hairdresser experience can either be great or disastrous and once you’ve found the one, they’re for life.

I got the opportunity to go to The Beauty & Holistic Lounge in Liverpool by the lovely girls at Pink Media and was treated to a blow dry and some fresh shellac nails. 

I went for a nude colour on my nails and I am so pleased with it! I hardly ever get my nails done but when I do I always tell myself I must do it more often. 

I’m not much of a girly girl but I felt like an absolute princess in Beauty & Holistic lounge! The staff, the treatments and all round atmosphere was a Saturday morning very well spent. I had ‘one of those weeks’ last week and this little pamper session left me feeling like a new person!  


The interior is quite something, with glamourous decor and individual themed treatment rooms (chocolate bar room, lavender room, so-berry room, bounty room and the spoilt room). The salon offers a range of treatments from HD Brows, non surgical facials, tanning and lots more!

If you live in Liverpool or are around and in need of beauty therapy I would highly recommend giving the lovely ladies at Beauty & Holistic a visit! We all deserve a little 'me time' in this crazy thing we call life. 

Alex x

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Leopard Print

As far as a British Summer goes, this one has been rather disappointing. This comes from someone who is not going on a beach holiday this year, so praying everyday to wake up to clear blue skies and higher than average temperature. Whilst we have been graced with a few days like that, I am completely over Summer and looking towards Autumn/Winter. I'm not much of a summer dresser, as you probably know 90% of my wardrobe is monochrome so I've not really invested in much with regard to my summer wardrobe.

Leopard print always has a place in my sartorial heart, and this skirt most definitely has a place in my A/W wardrobe...

Top -
Sleeveless Blazer -
Hat -
Skirt - New Look
Shoes - Public Desire 

What will you be adding to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe?

Alex x

Friday, 7 August 2015

Beauty Wishlist | August

Beauty Wishlist | August

Recently I have found myself lusting over so many beauty products, more so than clothes and shoes (remind me of this when AW15 starts dropping)

Anyway, I have had to put this wish list together just in case I come into a small fortune and I can remind myself what to spend it on...  

From L-R
Blogger fave Diptyque have the most beautiful (but pricey) range of fragrances and candles but recently whilst wasting my lunch hour in Selfridges, I sprayed the Philosykos eau de parfum and fell in love! At £58-90 a bottle this is obviously quite a pricey love affair but you know what they say about things you can’t have…
The scent is so fresh and not something I would usually go for with hints of fig leaves and white cedar – this one is for sure on my lust list.

A few of the girls in the office have been raving about the Laura Mercier skin offerings, mainly the tinted moisturiser and silk crème foundation. Any oily/combination skin sisters out there who would recommend? Lemme know!

Again, another fragrance that is on my ‘to own’ list. Jo Malone have the most beautiful combinations of scents and this one is no different – Ginger Lily and Amber is closer to the kind of perfume I’d usually go for and I’m obsessed with this. On the birthday list you go…

I already have a huge collection of lipstick, Lady Danger by MAC being my ultimate favourite but the babin’ Hannah Gale recommended this shade recently and obviously I now need to own it.

I fell down a bit of a beauty YouTube rabbit hole the other day and watched this video by Lily Pebbles about her July favourites and this little YSL number caught my eye. Not only is the packing absolutely gorgeous, the product looks great! I have been a fan of Lily for years now so anything she promotes tends to tug on my purse strings. Have any of you used this before?

Alas, last but not least ANOTHER highlighter. Dammit Alex. I honestly cannot get enough of the stuff and this MAC in Soft and Gentle looks good enough to eat.

Let me know if you own any of these gems or if you have seen any reviews, leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

Alex x

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Old Blind School - Liverpool

One of my favourite things about moving back home to Liverpool is the new bars/restaurants/cafe's that have opened and I'm yet to explore. I paid a visit to the recently renovated Old Blind School with my Mum, Sister and Aunties for a few early Saturday drinks (fancy) a few weekends ago and absolutely fell in love with it! The decor (brick, marble aaaaand filament lightbulbs!) is dreamy and the staff are excellent.

David and I decided to come back this weekend for my favourite... brunch.

After filling our tummies with gorgeous food and plenty of caffeine, we stopped to take some outfit pictures

Outfit details
Shirt - Topshop
Dress - ASOS
Shoes - Zara (Get them in the sale now for £15.99!)

If you're around Liverpool I'd recommend a visit! If there is anywhere you've been recently let me know in the comments below!

Alex x