Wednesday, 31 December 2014


So I know just about everyone is doing one of these posts, and it's not something I've ever felt inclined to do but I really feel like 2014 was such a great year (quite possibly the best yet) so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite moments and things!

1. Redesigning and renaming my blog 
At the start of last year I decided to pick back up where I had left off with my blog, which I'd left dwindling on Tumblr. After attending London Fashion Week in February and amazingly being featured on The New York Times Style (that sentence still doesn't sound real!) it gave me the inspiration to put more effort into what essentially started it all for me. My blog. Here's a round up of some of my favourite featured outfits.



2. Travel 
I am very lucky that with my job comes the perk of international travel. Last year alone my job took me to LA, New York, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid and Berlin. It's not all glamorous and at times it was really challenging but to have the opportunities I've had in the past year is amazing! 



3. Style Inspirations 
Being a blogger and working in Social Media, I am constantly on the lookout for new blogs and I have so many favourites that I visit everyday. In 2014 my favourite fashionistas are *drumroll* 

Sarah and Philippa from  
These ladies have the most fabulous style blog - taking the same piece and styling it in their own individual way equals double the style inspo. Win! 

Megan from pagesbymegan 
I have followed Megan's blog from back in the day when it was called Whats New Pussycatt, and it's so amazing to see how great she's doing. Megan has impeccable style and her outfits always give me so much inspiration! 

Yanin from idressmyselff 
I absolutely adore the minimalist and modern twist in every single one of Yanin's outfit posts. I also love her YouTube channel which features lookbooks and amazing hauls, I often find myself loosing hours just browsing!

Emily from emilycocklin
Surprisingly Emily has only been blogging for a year! Emily has an envious effortless style, and I'd love to have her wardrobe!  


4. Moving to Manchester 
My job is based in Manchester and after just over a year and a half of commuting and 6am get ups I finally moved to Manchester in February of this year. I met my flat mate on and luckily we got on really really well and Yasmine is now one of my closest friends. We had such a fun 10 months living together in our beautiful flat but Yasmine's job is relocating her to London and I have moved back home to save and hopefully get a home of my own with David in the near future. Exciting times ahead! 


Thanks to everyone who has played a part in my 2014 - here's to 2015 
*cringefest over* 


Friday, 5 December 2014

Lady In Red

Any other bloggers out there finding it difficult to take outfit pictures with the weather and early sunset? I managed to snap this outfit in my flat at the weekend, featuring the most beautiful red lace skirt! I love the detail and length of this skirt, and feel it has given my trusty old Zara roll neck a new lease of life. Plus, it's only £20 at the moment... go go go!

I am obsessed with burgundy tones recently and this oversized faux fur scarf is literally the dream! I also naughtily bought the black version of this too so I'm sure you'll see it popping up here soon.  


Hat - 
Scarf - 
Roll Neck - Zara 
Skirt - c/o Rare London 
Boots - Kurt Geiger 
Bag - Topshop 

What do you think of this look? 

Alex x