Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Field Day


It's been a while! To be honest, I'm still trying to find the balance between work/life/blogging - its a difficult one to juggle!

I have been at home in Liverpool this weekend and had a moment to photograph some outfits I wore.


Playsuit: Hearts and Bows c/o - ARK 
Longline Blazer - 
Fedora Hat - 
Bag - ASOS 
Shoes -  

I love this playsuit from ARK. As you may have noticed, my go to style tends to be monochrome and this playsuit feeds my black and white needs whilst also lending a nod to summer.

This will definitely be getting packed in my suitcase when David and I finally get away in September!

Also, I am joining up with Liverpool ONE this Summer to write a few guest blog posts on their blog which you can find here, so keep an eye out!

Alex x


  1. Loving this look, the blazer is gorgeous xx

  2. LOVE the boho vibe - know what you mean I really struggle with full time work, owning a house and now planning a wedding! busy busy! xxx

  3. Thanks Charlotte!

    I know it's tough isn't it?! Ahh wedding planning - so exciting. Good luck lovely! xx