Friday, 21 February 2014


Hi guys, 

So I have had a bit of a longer blog hiatus than I thought I was going to have (my last blog post was in October!) and you may have noticed I've moved home from Tumblr

I loved having my blog on Tumblr but I think it was time I moved across, so here we are! 

Last weekend I went to London Fashion Week and it was my second February Fashion Week. Friday was a complete disaster as the weather was atrocious, but it didn't dampen our spirits for the rest of the weekend! 

The sun finally came out on Saturday and the atmosphere was so much better. I wore culottes for the very first time in my life and I am officially obsessed! I love the cut and the feel, these monochrome dog-tooth print ones will definitely be a Spring/Summer staple! 

I was so happy that my outfit got featured on the Nordstrom blog and Company Magazine! Rosie and I were also featured on the New York Times (!!!) Instagram page

Both of our outfits (head-to-toe) are from - what do you think of our looks?

Alex x